Repertoire Studied and Performed: 2006-2012


        Junior High Concert Band    

  Fall 2006

Ludwig van Beethoven/ Paul Lavender "Ode to Joy" (from Symphony #9)                                       
John Edmondson "And All That Jazz"
            Johnnie Vinson arr. Selections from "Grease"       

Eric Osterling arr. "Frosty the Snowman"

Frank Cofield arr. "Let it Snow, Let it Snow"



                                                    Spring 2007

Michael Sweeney "Imperium"
            J.S. Bach/ Phillip Gordon "Grand Finale" from Cantata #207
            Steven Hodges "Bridgewater March"
            Michael Sweeney arr. "Zoot Suit Riot"
            Brian Nivison “An Eldred Excursion"


Fall 2007

David Holsinger "Mobbusters!"

Carl Strommen "Don't Feed the Drummers"
            Nicholas Forte “Chanukah Joy”

James Ployhar arr. “Christmas Sing-Along”


                                                  Spring 2008

Andrew Lloyd Webber/Sweeney  "Phantom of the Opera"

Elliot Del Borgo “Scenes of Russia”

 James Swearingen “Grand Canyon Overture”

John Edmondson “Winchester March”


                                                 Fall 2008
             Paul Lavender arr. "The Addams Family"

 John Kinyon  "The Silver Scepter: A Mini Overture"

 Paul Desmond / Paul Cook "Take Five"

 Elliot Del Borgo arr. "Hatikvah"

 Mark Williams arr. "Santa at the Symphony"


Spring 2009

Larry Norred arr. "Y.M.C.A."

Eric Osterling arr. "The Beatles Forever"

Henry Mancini/ John Edmondson "The Pink Panther"

Gary Fagan "Metamorphosis"

Walter Duncombe arr. "Early English Suite"

Johnnie Vinson "Newcastle March"

Fall 2009
James Ployhar arr. "Ukranian Bell Carol"
David Marshall arr. "Hanukkah Holiday"
Michael Sweeney arr. "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Jerry Nowak arr. "Jingle Bell Rock"
Spring 2010
George F. Handel/Phillip Gordon  "Fireworks Music"
John Edmondson  "Crystal City Overture"
Mark Williams  "March of the Paratroopers"
Jerry Nowak arr.  "Kokomo"
Douglas Wagner arr. "The Best of Green Day"
Fall 2010
Elliot Del Borgo  "Shaker Variants"
John Edmondson  "Jazz Chaconne"
Mark Williams arr. "Santa's Classical Christmas"
Eric Osterling arr. "Instant Christmas Concert"
Spring 2011
William Owens  "Kamehameha 'The Great Warrior'"
F.W. Meacham/Andrew Balent  "American Patrol"
J.S. Bach/Phillip Gordon  "Grand Finale from Cantata #207"
Michael Sweeney arr. "Salute to the Duke"
Johnnie Vinson arr. "Selections from "Grease"" 
Fall 2011
Eric Osterling   "Swingin' Flutes"
John Kinyon    "Flurry for Winds and Percussion"
W. Francis McBeth   "Canto"
Steve Hodges  "A Still, Silent Night"
Spring 2012
Steve Hodges  "Columbia Crest March
T. Susato/Margolis  "The Battle Pavane"
Ed Huckeby  "Abington Ridge Overture"
Larry Clark  arr. "Cartoon Symphony"
Paul Jennings  "African Road" 

Junior High Symphonic Band

Fall 2008

Michael Sweeney arr. "Stand By Me"

Mark Williams arr. "Jingle Bells and Jungle Drums"

James Curnow  "Pathfinder"



Senior High Concert Band

Fall 2006  


Modest Mussorgsky/ Mark Williams "Night On Bald Mountain"                                     

Michael Story arr. Selections from "The Wizard of Oz"

Franz Gruber/Chip Davis "Stille Nacht"

John Edmondson arr. “Christmas Rock!”

Paul Lavender arr. "The Addams Family"
            Peter Tchaikovsky/Claire Johnson  Themes from "The Nutcracker Suite"

I. March  II. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy III. Arabian Dance IV. Waltz of the Flowers V. Russian Dance


                                                                                                Spring 2007

Gustav Holst/ Calvin Custer   Suite from “The Planets”

I. Mars, The Bringer of War II. Venus, The Bringer of Peace  III. Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity

George F. Handel/ Phillip Gordon  "Fireworks Music"

William Latham "Brighton Beach Concert March”

Jared Spears "Westwood Portrait"


                                                                        Fall 2008

Ed Huckeby  "Ascentium"

James Curnow  "A Day At The Zoo"

John Williams / John Higgins  Theme from "Jurassic Park"


Paul Lavender arr. "Get Ready For This"

Paul Lavender arr. "The Hey Song"

Michael Story arr. "How The Grinch Stole Christmas Concert Medley"

Victor Lopez arr. "Holiday Cheers" : "Winter Wonderland" & "Sleigh Ride

Robert W. Smith arr. "Christmas In The Round: A Holiday Prism for Band"


Spring 2009

Robert W. Lowden arr. "Gonna Fly Now: Theme from "Rocky""

John Wasson arr. "Steely Dan in Concert"

Paul Murtha arr. "25 Or 6 To 4"


Clare Grundman "The Blue and the Gray"

Robert W. Smith "The Great Locomotive Chase"

J.P. Sousa/Balent "Stars and Stripes Forever"
Fall 2009
Percy Grainger/Frank Erickson  "A Percy Grainger Suite"
I. Country Gardens     II. Irish Tune from County Derry   III. Molly on the Shore
Gustav Holst/Robert W. Smith  "In the Bleak Midwinter"
James Swearingen arr. "Christmas Classics"
Spring 2010
Vaclav Nelhybel  "Suite from Bohemia"
I. Procession to the Castle       II. Folk Tale        III. Tournament
Josef E. Wagner/Calvin Custer   "Under the Double Eagle March"
Frank Erickson   "Tamerlane"
James Swearingen  "Invicta"
Jay Bocook arr. "Mambo No. 5"
Eric Osterling arr. "Night Train"
Johnnie Vinson arr. "Highlights from "Les Miserables""
Sean O'Loughlin  "Tribal Quest"
Fall 2010
Ed Huckeby  "Explorations"
Jack Bullock arr. "Lord of the Rings"
Mark Hamilton  "Honga!"
Larry Clark arr. "Hey Man, Christmas Rocks"
Peter Tchaikovsky
Spring 2011
Vaclav Nelhybel   "Festivo"
John N. Klohr/Fred Fennell   "The Billboard March"
James Swearingen  "Flight of Valor"
Joe Garland/Paul Lavender  "In the Mood"
Monty Norman/Frank Erickson   "James Bond Theme"
Eric Osterling arr.  "Big Band Salute"  ("Tuxedo Junction")
Eric Osterling arr. "Big Band Classics"  ("Big Noise from Winnetka"  & "April in Paris")
Paul Murtha arr. "Eighties Flashback"
Fall 2011
Gustav Holst  "Second Suite in F"  1st Movement "March"
Robert W. Smith arr. "Top Gun"
Paul Yoder  "Haskell's Rascals"  Snare Trio
James Curnow  "International Christmas Salute"
Michael Sweeney  "Forge of Vulcan"
Lennie Niehaus  "Festival of Hanukkah"
Spring 2012
Scott Joplin/Balent  "Maple Leaf Rag"
Charles Carter "Sonata for Winds"
Natalie Sleeth/Osterling  "Jazz Gloria"
Patrick Roszell arr. "Led Zeppelin on Tour"
Eric Osterling  "The Nutmeggers March"
John Zdechlik  "Chorale and Shaker Dance"



Senior High Chamber Wind Ensemble

Fall 2007

Jay Bocook arr. “Disney's Fantasia 2000”
Beethoven Fifth Symphony Mvt.1 , Paul Dukas "Sorcerer's Apprentice", Igor  Stravinsky "Firebird Suite")
Mike Story arr.  Themes from "Harry Potter"
Eric Osterling arr. "Night Train"

Lennie Niehaus  “The Festival of Hanukkah”

Kris Dorsey & Bill Holcombe arr. “A Little Christmas Jazz Suite”


Spring 2008

Paul Murtha arr.   “Build Me Up, Buttercup”

Michael Sweeney arr.  “Hey Jude”

Matthew King  (undergrad composition major @SUNY New Paltz)  "Tickets Please"

Kenneth Alford/ Andrew Balent  “Colonel Bogey”

James Swearingen       “Majestia”

Clare Grundman         “Kentucky 1800”


                                                            Fall 2008

            Mike Hannickel  "Rats, Bats And Spiders"

 Henry Mancini / Paul Cook  "Peter Gunn"

 Lloyd Conley arr. "Bashana Haba 'Ah"

 Euday L. Bowman / Edmondson  "12th Street Rag"


Spring 2009

Brian Balmages arr. "Proudly We Hail"



Senior High Jazz Combo


James Rae       “Society Boogie”

James Rae       “The Lazy Half-Hour Blues”

James Rae       “Espionage”

Traditional       “Angels We Have Heard On High”


F.W. Meacham/ Andrew Balent   “American Patrol”

Joe Garland/ Paul Lavender    “In The Mood”

Middle School Jazz Ensemble
Spring 2012
            Paul Lavender arr. "Tequila"
           Michael Sweeney arr. "Louie, Louie"
           Howard Rowe  "Chopper"