Steps for students to self-generate their own review of past Regents Exams in ELA, Science, Social Studies & Math
    ¨ Student should log in to their Castle Learning account

    ¨ Locate the courses (middle of student home page)

    ¨ Select the course for review and click “GO

    ¨ Window will refresh

    ¨ Click first option – “Short Answer Review

    ¨ Window will refresh

    ¨ Click second option – “Sessions you create yourself

    ¨ Window will refresh

    ¨ Click the second option – “Create a new short answer assignment from a sample assignment”

    ¨ Window will refresh

    ¨ A list of past Regents Exams for the specific subject will appear

    ¨ Click on the past exam desired (example: NYS Regents US History

    2003-01 – January 2003)

    ¨ A prompt will appear asking if the user wants to make this an assignment – Click “OK

    ¨ Window will refresh and the review assignment will appear


Last Modified on October 30, 2009