Welcome to Eldred Central School District Welcome to Eldred Central School District Home of the Yellowjackets! Eldred Junior-Senior High School is the place to be! Situated in the southern part of Sullivan County, New York, Eldred Junior-Senior High School offers a unique, individualized school experience. Eldred is an all-regents high school, whose students are among the top performing in the nation. After school, Eldred is bustling with athletics, clubs, and performing arts groups. George Ross Mackenzie Elementary School was built in 1995 on land belonging to George Ross Mackenzie. Our elementary school is located in the southern part of rural Sullivan County, New York near the Delaware River. 

Welcome To Eldred's New Junior Senior High School Principal

Please welcome the New Junior Senior High School Principal, starting July 1, 2022.

M.Conklin PicMichael C. Conklin attended Mount Saint Mary College and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in History as well as two masters’ degrees; one from New York Institute of Technology: Masters of Instructional Technology and the other from Long Island University: Masters of Education in Educational Leadership.

Michael has a background as a Co-Principal/Assistant Principal at Valley Central High School for 4 years. He had began his teaching career as a special education teacher and classroom teacher with the Florida Union Free School District in Florida, New York for six years.

Michael currently resides in Warwick, New York, with his wife, Kaitlyn and their three children.

Thank you Eldred CSD Community for your support!!!
Eldred Budge and Election Results for 2022-23 - OFFICIAL
Proposition #1 – Budget
Absentee: YES 9  NO 13
Ballot YES 207 NO 36
Proposition #2 – Sunshine Library
Absentee: YES 15 NO 7
Ballot YES 206 NO 37
Proposition #3 – Bus Lease
Absentee: YES 17 NO 5
Ballot YES 207 NO 36
Board of Education Seat:
Absentee: 16
Ballot: 207
Write In = 8
Absentee: 1
Membership should rotate – 1
Ballot: 7
Voided ballot - 1
No one- 1
Jenna Potter- 1
Dorothy Greco- 1
Scott Smith- 1
Jessica Haas McGill - 1
Paul Clark - 1
Total: K. Smith - WINS SEAT

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May 5, 2022


Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Administration,

As you may know, Eldred schools has begun the search for a HS/JHS principal.  The school district Superintendent and Board of Education seeks input from the faculty, staff, administration, parents, students and community members in identifying attributes, background, talents and other characteristics that would identify a "fit" for our school district.

Experience as an assistant principal or principal is desired.

There are two interview dates planned.  They are on May 25th and May 26th, at the High School, in the Conference room on the 2nd floor.  The only criteria for participation is a commitment to both sessions.

The Superintendent will chair the interview committee and report the committee recommendations to the Board of Education.

The interview committee will identify candidates that possess the characteristics previously identified, and forward a non-ranked list via the Superintendent, to the Board of Education

This is of great importance and will impact Eldred for years to come. Working together we will find a great "fit".

If you are interested in serving on the interview committee, please send me an email and copy to Lisa Sibirtzeff by May 13th end of day so I can plan accordingly.



John C. Morgano Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools

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April 28, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,
As you likely know, each year at about this time of the year, I write to you about unused snow days.
This year the final unused snow day will be used on Monday May 23rd. During this time the buildings will be closed and there will be no out of district transportation provided.
Thank you for your support of our efforts in providing the children of Eldred with a quality education.


John C. Morgano Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools

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April 27, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At the Board of Education meeting last evening, the Board of Education accepted my resignation from the Eldred school District for the purpose of retirement, effective June 30th, 2022.The past five years have been the most professionally rewarding and productive of my 47 years in education. Eldred is a special place and I have enjoyed serving as your superintendent. We have come a long way both fiscally and academically and I thank you for your support of our efforts toward making Eldred the premier school district in the county and beyond.

Mrs. Traci Ferreira, was appointed to replace me as superintendent effective June 30, 2022. In the meantime, Traci will continue to serve as high school principal. We will be seeking a new principal for our junior/senior high school with the goal of having that person in place come July 1st. That is one of the reasons why the Board of Education appointed Traci as my replacement effective June 30. There will be a committee formed to interview candidates and recommend several finalists to the board of education. The board of education will then hire one of the candidates as our new principal of the Junior/Senior High School.

Should you have any questions about this transition please give me a call to discuss. My door is always open so just stop by if your schedule permits.



John C. Morgano Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools

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March 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding the NYS assessments in ELA and mathematics.  I believe that these assessments provide the school district, teacher and especially the parents, with an objective measure of how well your child is progressing in the key areas of ELA and mathematics.

I encourage you to take advantage of these objective assessments that reveal how well your child is progressing.  It is a fact that once your child is in high school, he or she will have to take Regents exams.  As a parent and grandparent I would not want my child or grandchild to take a state assessment for the first time as a high school student.

The tests are not perfect. No test is.  One could argue that the assessments are too long. That used to be true but today’s tests are a couple of hours long on two, not three different days. This is reasonable.

This year we are going take the assessments on the computer. Students will be familiar with this process prior to the assessment dates as they will be taking class tests on the computer as well. (I have attached the 2021-2022 NYS assessment schedule to this letter.)

I would like nothing more than for Eldred to have 100% participation in the ELA and math assessments in grades 3-8.  Please help us to reach this goal. Should you have any questions regarding the state assessments that your child’s teacher could not answer please contact your child’s principal or contact me directly. The state assessments do not begin until April, however I wanted to share my thoughts with you now so that you have ample time to pose questions that you may have regarding the assessments.

I thank you for your continued support of our outstanding school district. 

Sincerely yours,


John C. Morgano Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools 

NYS Testing 2021-22 jpeg.JPG 

March 2, 2022
Dear Parents and Guardians,
I was informed yesterday late in the day that the masking requirement for riding on the bus has been eliminated. Should a student wish to wear a mask they may do so.
Today the State Police, The Sheriff’s department and the Fallsburg Police canine departments came to our Junior/Senior High School to search for drugs at my invitation. The dogs found one vape pen that likely has drugs in it. Since this was found in a common area we do not know whose it is.
It became apparent to me following a recent incident at the high school where a student had to go to the hospital for suspected drugs that we needed to have drug sniffing dogs at our high school on a regular basis. I plan on having the dogs again in the future. My goal is to make our high school and District as safe for your child as possible. Drugs cannot be tolerated in our schools.
Please remind your child/children that these efforts are for their benefit. Once a child dies it is too late to act. We are being proactive.
We are also planning on increased drug awareness and have been arranging additional opportunities for workshops on drugs and their effect on the body and mind.
Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot.
Sincerely yours,

John C. Morgano Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

February 27, 2022
Dear Parents and Guardians:
Please review the message from the governor ending the mask requirement as of March 2nd. Students may still wear a mask if they wish to do so. Please keep in mind that should the cases increase to prior high levels that this requirement may be reinstated.
I thank you for your support during this crisis. It has been a long rough couple of years but together we have successfully met the challenges and the future looks a little brighter now.

Sincerely yours,

John C. Morgano Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

Cc: School board members, school administrators, faculty and staff.

February 17, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware, Eldred reserves some extra school days in our calendar in case of snow, power outages, etc.

Due to our not using all of our snow days, we have provided “give back” days as follows:

Friday, February 25th – Eldred closed

Friday, March 18th – Eldred closed

Thursday, April 14th – Eldred closed

 I thank you for your continued support of our outstanding school district.


John C. Morgano Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Guidance from Sullivan County Public Health Services
How Do I Know If I Should Quarantine or Isolate?
If you are unsure whether to isolate or quarantine, please see this flow chart:

COVID Guidance 1.13.22 2COVID Guidance 1.13.22

5 Year Fiscal Board Presentation PowerPoint and Spreadsheet
November 18, 2021

5 Year Projection Spreadsheet

5 year fiscal pic  

Curriculum & Instruction 2021-2022 Board Presentation

Presentation clipart
(Click link below)
BOE Presentation- Curriculum & Instruction for 2021-2022

Please Check This Out

Eldred Central School District made some Phone/Fax Number Changes:

phone number update

Dr. Morgano's Picture

Congratulations Superintendent Dr. Morgano!

Superintendent of the Eldred Central School District, Dr. John C. Morgano was recently informed, that he is to receive an Award for Excellence in Administration from the Mid-Hudson School Study Council (MHSSC).

The MHSSC commended and thanked him for his commitment to the community, school, and students.  Dr. Morgano is the leader of our school which plays a critical role within Eldred’s District, as he has a passion for doing what is best for students and the community.

Dr. John C. Morgano has been the Superintendent of Eldred Central School District for the past 4 years and possesses over 35 years of experience in education.  John is a leader who demonstrates and creates trust and loyalty from all constituents.  He is kind, patient, and forthcoming with new ideas that structure a charismatic educational community.  John has the unique ability to adapt to change, not by directing, but rather by teaching, supporting, and conferring to a positive and kind environment.  John is an outstanding leader not only in how he interacts with staff, faculty, and community members but his unwavering dedication to students.


Sullivan County Public Health Services and Sullivan BOCES have hosted a School Community Forum on Wednesday, Nov. 4 to provide answers to commonly asked COVID-19 related question.

Public Health staff explained what to expect if you test positive for COVID-19  or if your or a family member is exposed to someone who has tested positive. They explained contact tracing; the difference between isolation and quarantine, and where you can get tested.

If you would like to view the meeting, please click the link below.



AOK Button

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May 2022 Recipients
Bentley Hoyt
Logan Wilcox

April 2022 Recipients
Mackenna Cooper
Dominick Fulipa
Sean Furler
Kaitlyn Potter
Matthew Ranaudo

March  2022 Recipients
Keith Blaut
Abigail Goller
Jordan Jacke
Alyssa LaGrutta
Susanna Nelson
Levi Warren

February 2022 Recipients

Deputy Sean Grady
Angelika Foley
Jada Lyn Smith
Xavier Gonzalez
Jacob Plocharczyk
Annabelle Reilly
Jennifer Heisler
Linda Hazen

January 2022 Recipients
Ava Cosmo                        
Martin Troxel
Sebastian Mohan

November 2021 Recipients

Arya Haniuk
Jeremy Pomerantz
Conner Guest
Violet Fisher
Naveah Mendies                
Alexander Villalobos                       
John Charles Fisher                        
Jacob Tice          
Jaxen Counts                    
Joseph Bernhardt

October 2021 Recipients
Curtis Kramer
Caleb Smith
Carter Mendies
Jacob Tice
Jeffrey Morgan
Ksenia Sosnowski
Rebecca Murray
Jalissa Bush
Tori Kaiser

September 2021 Recipients
Josiah Perez


As I have said many times in the past, the Eldred community is full of nice, kind kids with good parents.

We are not reminded of that fact often enough.

Our schools have a number of programs that stress the positive actions of our students. (Please see the list below).

I would like to take that a bit further. We are going to begin a couple of initiatives. Please find the button on our webpage where students, teachers, staff and parents can be "acknowledged" for doing something good for someone else and/or the community. It doesn't have to be something extraordinary - just an action that makes someone's day just a little easier. It can be anonymous or you can give your name.

We will be sharing this information with everyone at our monthly BOE meeting. (Those individuals identified as “AOK” will be acknowledged at a BOE meeting, of course, we will check with the person who was "made known on AOK" to be sure they want to be publicly acknowledged. Some people like to keep their good deeds quiet.)

We will call this button the  Acts of Kindness "AOK" button (please click).

In the same vein, we will have boxes at each school where this information can be dropped into the box.

We are all on this journey together. It's important we support each other. You may click on the icon below.

Dr. John C. Morgano

AOK Button


In an effort to provide you with factual information regarding our efforts to make our schools the positive learning environment we all want for our children, I present the following initiatives that are occurring in our elementary and JSHS school.

A course is being offered for teachers to design an elementary addendum to the Code of Conduct that will be more aligned with the needs of elementary school students and reduce the frequency of problematic behaviors.

       GRM initiatives:

  • Walk and talks
  • Brief individual counseling
  • Brief small group counseling
  • Conflict resolution/peer mediation
  • Anger management
  • Emotion identification
  • Social skills training
  • Worry warriors/coping strategies for the anxious
  • Coping strategies for grief/loss
  • Teacher and parent consults
  • Resources and referral
  • Grounding techniques, breathing sets, mindfulness, visualization
  • Heavy work/sensory breaks
  • Think sheets
  • Behavior contracts
  • Positive reinforcement plans
  • Token economies/group contingencies
  • Model: ignoring, effective commands, acknowledging expectations and verbal reinforcement, attention grabbing signals
  • SEL lessons – small group or whole class by invitation
  • Post positive potty papers
  • Provided Principal with wall clings with positive affirmations

Have done in past

  • Restorative circles
  • Restorative justice
  • Yoga4classrooms
  • Bibliotherapy/writing to address trauma

All Grade Levels K-6

  • Social-emotional learning lessons on Mondays
  • PATHS curriculums
  • Choose LOVE (it introduces courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion)
  • Peer mediation
  • Role play during counseling sessions
  • Model positive behavior and social skills
  • School Resource Officers (SROs)
  • DARE Program
  • “Too Good For” program (10 week program providing 1st grade resources to address social emotional learning experiences.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) Mackenzie

  • PBIS follows Mackenzie Manners: Be safe, Be respectful, and Be responsible
  • Big BEE and Little BEE awards monthly for 2 students that show Mackenzie Manners throughout the month.  Golden trophy awards are presented to the 2 classes that exemplify the best teamwork during PE classes for the month.
  • Quarterly Caring Classmate awards are presented to students in the primary grades exemplifying kindness and empathy to their peers.
  • Individual classroom teachers employ their own reward systems.  Some examples include prize boxes, happy cards, high fives, and tickets.
  • Logical Consequences are being created and will hopefully be implemented in September.  These will be created by the teachers under the guidance of Dr. Morgano.
  • Socktober sock drive
  • December PJ drive
  • "Soup"er Bowl donations
  • Koala and Kangaroo collection for Australia


      JSHS initiatives:

  • Counselors are visible and available during lunches
  • Coping skills
  • Meet with counselors individually
  • Work on calming and de-escalating skills
  • Teaching positive self-talk and positive self-image
  • Teach respect rights and responsibility
  • Try to breakdown social situations to assist in building social skills
  • School Resource Officers (SROs)

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) JSHS

  • Welcome Back ice cream social at the beginning of the school year and an end of the year ice cream social.
  • Winter Welcome back with donuts and coffee coming back from winter break.

Activities to build kindness, empathy, and compassion run by PBIS:

  • Homecoming Week/Spirit Week where the classes dress up to show unity.
  • Pep rally - students learn about all of the clubs/sports that are available to students. Classes merge together, play games to show cooperation. 
  • Color Wars (spring) classes work together to compete against other classes. 
  • "Soup"er Bowl  donations
  • Student of the Week
  • PBIS is working on "What to do" videos modeling the positive behaviors of the PBIS matrix once completed will be posted in a Google Drive for all teachers to be able to incorporate with their lessons throughout the year 

PBIS have done in past

  • Peer mentoring program which we match 7th graders with upperclassmen to mentor them through their first year at the high school.


            District initiatives:

  • Character building/Anti-bullying Speaker
  • DASA Training – 6 hour course for all staff
  • DASA Training Program for community members
  • Suicide Prevention training for staff
  • Suicide Awareness implementation
  • Speaking with students to educate them on bullying
  • Open door policy for students to speak with Superintendent, Principals, Counselors on topics such as bullying of self or others
  • “A O K” (Acts Of Kindness) button on the District webpage seeks to focus on and increase positive behaviors

school safe clipart

The Eldred Central School District takes emergency preparedness very seriously. We have a comprehensive safety plan that assists our staff and Emergency Responders to respond swiftly should an emergency occur. We provide ongoing crisis management training to school administrators and other key staff members throughout the school.

Emergency response plans are in place at the school. An Emergency Response Team oversees the plan, and team members have assigned roles and responsibilities should an emergency occur. The team meets regularly to review procedures and conduct annual training and drills so that students and staff are aware of the most effective and safe emergency response.

Click for school emergency and student release information

Report An Incident

Eldred Central School District is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination for all students. The District encourages the involvement of staff, students, parents and community members in the implementation and reinforcement of the Dignity for All Students Act (“DASA”).
If you believe you, or someone else, has been the target of harassment, bullying, cyber-bullying, and/or discrimination, please use this form to report all allegations.
School/district personnel witnessing an incident or receiving a report of an incident must complete and submit this written report within two (2) school days. NOTE: School/district personnel must also orally notify the principal, superintendent or their designee no later than one school day after witnessing or receiving a report of an incident. In order to qualify under DASA, the offense must be in violation of one or more of the protected classes that are: race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender and sex. The law applies whether an individual actually belongs or is perceived by others to be part of a protected class.
All complaints will be treated in a confidential manner. Anonymous reports may limit the district’s ability to respond to the complaint. A prompt and thorough investigation will be conducted for all incident reports.
Please complete this form and return it to a school administrator or Dignity Act Coordinator.

Every student should look forward to coming to school and see school as a safe place.

Stop think act clipart Eldred CSD- DASA Incident Reporting Form (Click)

Notes from the Nurses

The notices below are information to parents for immunizations and influenza (flu) updates. 

Please direct inquiries to Nurse Denise Farragher at the JSHS and Nurse Tracy Whitney at GRM.

The Flu: A Guide for ParentsClick here
CDC Flu (Influenza) VaccineClick here
Immunization Notice to Parents Click here

Website Accessibility For Our Users

It is the goal of the Eldred Central School District that the information contained in our website be accessible to all individuals, including those with visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities. Our aim is to comply with current New York State standards on website accessibility. (New York State OFT Policy, P04-002, Accessibility of State Agency Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications). To this end, we are in the process of reviewing our site and modifying pages that are found to have accessibility issues. The majority of pages in our site are available in HTML format that can be deciphered by screen readers. Some documents are in Adobe PDF format. To convert these documents to a more accessible format, please visit Adobe’s online PDF conversion web page. If you are unable to access any page(s) in our site, please contact our Superintendent, Dr. John C. Morgano by phone: 845-456-1100 ext. 5296, email: morganoj@eldred.k12.ny.us , or mail: 600 Route 55, Eldred, NY with the location of the page or document you were attempting to access and we will do our best to provide it to you in a better format. Be sure to include your name, email address and phone number so we may follow-up with you. Thank you.

Eldred Bond Project Overview
Please watch our introductory video about the Eldred School District bond project and the major projects that encompass the bond. Please click below.

Eldred Bond Project Overview Video

Please fill out form below, if you have any Bond Questions.
Bond Question Form

Eldred's Motto:
"Every Eldred Student Can and Will Learn To Their Full Potential."

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Community Technical Support Request Form: 

Staff Technical Support Request Form: 

These forms will alert our technical support team to a track and fix issues, and ensure that issues will be resolved in a timely manner.  

Board of Education Message

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE the Board of Education Re-organization/Regular meeting will take on Thursday, July 7th at the Junior Senior High School (JSHS) gymnasium beginning at 6:00 pm.


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Ask the Superintendent

As our school district buildings remain in a state of closure, because of this unprecedented and evolving situation, questions may arise about your children’s program, please click the link(or picture above) "ASKTHESUPERINTENDENT" to ask your questions , please fill out the form.  Dr. Morgano will try to answer the questions within a reasonable time frame, if he is not be able to answer the question, it will be re-directed to the appropriate administrator.

We are working to provide as much information as we can, as quickly as we can, thank you for your cooperation and patience!

Sullivan County COVID-19 

NYSDOH COVID-19 Hotline: 1-888-364-3065 

COVID-19 Emotional Support Help Line: 
1-844-863-9314, 8am-10pm, 7 days/wk

The Sullivan County Emergency Community Assistance Center can help those who need assistance by calling 807-0925.


Bus Safety 

The safety of our students is vital.
Recently some drivers have illegally passed stopped school buses. This is not only illegal it is reckless. How could a person live with themselves after killing or severely injuring a child because they were in a rush?
I ask that you be extra careful when driving where there are school buses and children.
Thank you for your needed assistance. 

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Suicide Prevention Flyer

Child Protective or Neglect Services Information

Statewide Toll Free Telephone Number:   

Reporting Child Abuse and Maltreatment (English) - Click here

Repo`rtelo de Abuso y Maltrato Infantil (Spanish) - Click here


ild Protective or Neglect Services Information

Statewide Toll Free Telephone Number: 1-800-342-3720. Click here for more information.

Circle of Hope Flyer

Academic Priorities Presentation 

Academic Priorities Presentation PowerPoint June 20, 2019



Targeted School for Improvement Information

Mrs. Ferreira - March 11, 2021 Board Meeting Presentation
(Please click on the picture below)

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