•  Copyright Guidelines
    Copyright Condensed
    This publication is a review of the literature on the Copyright Act of 1976, Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and these accompanying legislative reports and guidelines.
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    Copyright Basics

    This document answers the question, "What is copyright?"

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    Copyright Guide

    This chart was designed to inform school leaders of what they may do under the law.

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    Copyright Primer

    This document outlines steps to avoid copyright issues.

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    Understanding Copyright in a Media-Rich World

    What is the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing? Who do copyright laws protect, and why are they important? This collection of lessons for grades 6-8, which are designed to be co-presented by classroom teachers and school library media specialists, helps to answer these questions while fostering an understanding of both the purpose and means of respecting the intellectual property rights of others.

    Copyright Law: From Digital Reprints to Downloads
    Students will take on various roles - a YouTube user, recording company executive, writer, musician's grandchild - to understand the impact copyright law has on different people.

    Exploring Plagiarism, Copyright, and Paraphrasing
    Understand copyright, fair use, and plagiarism while developing appropriate paraphrasing skills.

    Students as Creators: Exploring Copyright
    Give students the tools they need to appropriately use copyrighted materials, including finding works in the public domain, identifying and contacting copyright holders, citing resources, and protecting their own works from copyright infringement.

    Students as Creators: Exploring Multimedia
    Students learn the importance of using media in compliance with copyright protection while creating their own multimedia presentations.

    Technology and Copyright Law: A "Futurespective"
    Students research and report on several instances of how copyright law-from the Statute of Anne to the Digital Millennium Act-have adapted to encompass new technologies.

    Online Sources for Finding Works in the Public Domain
    These sites are good places to start looking for works in the public domain; however, you should always check copyright notices for the specific work before using it.

    Music Rules!
    Students in grades 3-8 learn about the laws of copyright and the risks of online file-sharing, while promoting musical and artistic creativity through these resources from RIAA.

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