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Zika Virus Information

Spring is here and the warmer weather will be here soon. With that comes the return of mosquitoes and the associated potential risk of mosquito borne illness. While there is no active transmission of Zika virus in Sullivan County, Zika continues to be a concern for those who travel to areas where Zika is actively transmitted. Mosquitoes can also potentially carry and transmit other illnesses as well. 
We would like to remind residents of things they can do to protect themselves from mosquito bites and reduce the number of mosquitoes in the environment. Some flyers listed below, to provide information.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 845-292-5910, ext. 2243 or email me at

Jill Hubert-Simon, MS
Public Health Educator
Sullivan County Public Health Services
50 Community Lane
Liberty, NY 12754
845-292-5910 ext. 2243