The Mackenzie Elementary School Social Studies coordinators organized our Pinwheel Parade to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Peace Day, celebrated annually on September 21st, was established in 1981 by a United Nations resolution for all humanity to commit to peace above all differences and to contribute to a culture of peace. Our students wrote kind words and/or phrases on their pinwheels and after parading around our campus, their pinwheels were planted in the front of our building for all to see.
6 months ago, Lisa Sibirtzeff
Peace Day Pinwheel GRM
Peace Day Pinwheel GRM 2
Peace Day Pinwheel GRM 3
2022-2023 Club Fair- Students checked out all of the opportunities for extra curricular activities for this school year.
6 months ago, Traci Ferreira
Varsity Club
Archery Club
Club Fair
Game Club
Happy Friday!!
6 months ago, Traci Ferreira
Juniors excited about it being Friday!
Football players ready for their away game
Please click here the link for the District Calendar 2022-2023 - Monthly View.
7 months ago, Lisa Sibirtzeff
2022-2023 District Calendar Monthly View
Bond Project Update
9 months ago, Traci Ferreira
the track cannot be used for home meets due to safety concerns
baseball dugouts are in poor conditions and need to be replaced
Bond Project
9 months ago, Traci Ferreira
The bond project will include a renovations of our bathrooms that are on our athletic fields.
Eldred Class of 2022
9 months ago, Eldred CSD
graduating class of 2022 in white caps and gowns with green ribbon in front of the school building